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Conservation Programmes



Bellbrook, NSW. Australia


Joy McKean

Project Type

Conservation works programme


"Homewood", the childhood home of David Gordon Kirkpatrick, better known as country music artist ‘Slim Dusty’, is believed to have been constructed c1915. At the time of preparing the conservation works programme the property had not been listed as a heritage item nor had a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) been prepared. The property has since received State listing.

The conservation works programme identified, costed and prioritised works with the higher priority issues being to stabilise the fabric and keep the weather out. The purpose of the programme was to assist the owner in their endeavours to seek funding, over a period of time, to undertake conservation works. It was acknowledged in the programme that works identified may need to be reviewed in light of any recommendations from a CMP.

The place consists of a house – not habitable, out house, foundations only of the original cow bails, cow bails, fowl house and associated yard elements.

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