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Heritage Impact Statements

Former Cemetery


Port Macquarie, NSW. Australia


Port Macquarie-Hastings Council

Project Type

Landscape upgrade


Allman Hill Cemetery, also known as the first burying ground, is a State listed heritage item consecrated in 1821 and deconsecrated in 1824.

The proposal, prepared by Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, was to improve the burying ground’s visual and physical connectivity to Mrs. York’s Garden and generally update and upgrade the burying ground’s appearance within the streetscape.

Works were to include the regeneration of the existing embankment overlooking the caravan park with selected Themeda grassland, species selected to be grasses and shrubs only, ensuring views from adjoining residences were not affected; relocation of existing interpretive signage; construction of interpretive feature pavement, engraved or etched, with information and sketches pertaining to the burying ground within a compacted gravel surround; construction of a pathway from the Clarence Street frontage to the grave sites to formalise access; construction of a pathway from the grave sites to the entry steps of Mrs. York’s Garden; construction of a low seating retaining wall along the Clarence Street frontage; planting of two Norfolk Island Pines to align with existing streetscape plantings and the incorporation of low shrubs and groundcovers to ensure sight lines to Allman Hill are maintained and passive surveillance was provided.

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