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What others say

Miriam Stacy - Sydney, Australia

"With Mitch’s extensive knowledge and interest in heritage, project management skills and ability to work with the community and a wide range of stakeholders, Port Macquarie Hastings became an exemplar local Council in NSW for best practice heritage management.”

Elise Short - Inverell, Australia

“Council is very satisfied with the service and professionalism of our heritage advisor. Mitch deals with Council and the community in a way that ensures sound and proactive heritage outcomes are achieved. The ongoing collaboration with the Inverell District Family History Group is also a testament to his commitment to building and strengthening relationships with the community around the promotion, conservation and appreciation of heritage.”

Dr Ted Higginbotham - Sydney, Australia

With his diligence and determination, Mitch enabled Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to reach and maintain its position in the forefront of cultural tourism, including the interpretation and understanding of the history and archaeology of the historic town.

Bernard Smith - Port Macquarie, Australia

Mitch fostered excellent links with the community and was highly regarded by the stakeholder groups he came into contact with. His approach to his work and heritage could be described as one of total commitment, and of always acting in the community’s interest.

Stephen Booker - Wallsend, Australia

“Mitch had a flair for being able to market heritage projects and obtain community and business support for cultural heritage projects.”

Thomas Keneally, AO - Sydney, Australia

“This is a wonderful tour by a guide who knows not only the history, not only what’s on the ground, but what awaits discovery beneath it.”

Dr. Derelie Cherry - Kulnura, Australia

“Simply the best – most authoritative and informed walking tour I have ever been on. Port Macquarie has now come alive in my mind.”

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