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It's not Hollywood, but ...

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This publication tells of an incident that took place at Laurieton in August 1944 when a Catalina Flying Boat, or PBY as it was more commonly known, with a group of American entertainers on board, encountered mechanical problems and landed unexpectedly on the Camden Haven River much to the delight of the locals.
The entertainers were comedians Bob Hope, Jerry Colonna, Frances Langford, Tony Romano, Barney Dean and dancer Patty Thomas.
It's not Hollywood, but... not only tells of the search for the last surviving member of the troupe Patty Thomas but also the search for the crew and the aircraft.
The Foreword has been written by Patty Thomas and the Back Cover by Australian adventurer Dick Smith.
Copies of the publication are available for $17 which includes postage.


"While my adventures are well recorded, it is stories such as those told in Mitch's book It's not Hollywood, but... that somehow have escaped being chronicled as part of our rich Australian history.
The preparation of this book is the best that I have seen and this story is a must read for any person interested in Australian history".
- Dick Smith

"It's a human interest story of course but it tells a tale inextricably linked with the Catalina (it could not have happened without one!) and it is well worth acquiring for those reasons as well as rewarding the work of a diligent researcher".
- The Catalina News - published by the Catalina Society, England

Issue No. 75 May 2011


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