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Heritage Impact Statements

Former Bank


West Kempsey, NSW. Australia


McNeil Ellis Architects

Project Type

Alterations, additions and adaptive re-use


This former Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Ltd (CBC) was constructed in 1921 from plans prepared by Kent and Massie Architects. Closing as a bank in 1943 it then re-opened as an agency before eventually being sold and subsequently being used as Government offices.

A locally listed heritage item, it is a good example of country banking architecture of the early 20th century and is a significant element in the streetscape.

The proposal, prepared by McNeil Ellis Architects, was to provide for the relocation of an existing Medical Centre which at any one time has up to 8 doctors consulting resulting in peak loads of 40+ people waiting.

The proposal required the utilisation of part of the ground floor as a reception area, waiting room, office and procedure room with access to staff facilities on an upper level by new stairs behind the reception area. It also required the removal of an existing lean to and unsympathetic additions to the existing building and the removal of infill windows within arches on the eastern façade with the reveals on the arches being reinstated.

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