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Heritage Impact Statements

Bridge Abutment


Port Macquarie, NSW. Australia


King + Campbell Pty Ltd

Project Type



The Port Macquarie-Hastings Council was planning to undertake landscaping works, construct new pathways and pedestrian access links to Gordon Street along the Kooloonbung Creek frontage.

The bridge abutment monument had been erected in 1980 by the then Department of Main Roads, near the eastern approaches to a new bridge it had constructed in 1979. The monument was constructed, using the earlier bridge abutment stonework c1840s, as a tribute to the work of the original builders and a reminder of the town’s past.

As part of the works Council proposed to relocate the bridge abutment monument further south – closer to the Gordon Street bridge of 1979 and nearer to where it had originally stood, as it was denying suitable access to the sewer pump station which serviced the Port Macquarie CBD.

The bridge abutment is listed as a local heritage item.

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