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Heritage Impact Statements

Westpac Bank


Port Macquarie, NSW. Australia


A. & P. Parkes Constructions

Project Type



The Bank, which was designed by Architect Varney Parkes, was constructed in 1893 and is a locally listed heritage item.

Over the years the building had undergone numerous alterations and additions and Westpac was proposing to undertake major refurbishment.

The proposal, prepared by The Design Studio, was for a mix of internal and external work. The internal works included: the replacement of damaged suspended ceiling tiles; new graphics; relocation of queue post; installation of new films to all meeting room glazing; new furniture; new vinyl flooring to staff area; a new full height wall to the former sit down teller area; new cupboard and repainting.

The external works included: replacement of the awning over the ATMs; new internally illuminated ATM surrounds and graphic; replacement of ‘tavern sign’ (more commonly referred to as a projecting wall sign) with a new internally illuminated ‘tavern sign’, new vision strips, trading hours and landholder decals to glazed shopfront and removal of the address plaque and making good.

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