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Heritage Impact Statements

Former Cemetery


Port Macquarie, NSW. Australia


Port Macquarie-Hastings Council

Project Type

Landscape upgrade


The Port Macquarie Historic Cemetery, also known as the second burying ground, is a State listed heritage item consecrated in 1824 and deconsecrated in 1886.

The cemetery is important in the course and pattern of the cultural history of New South Wales because of its historical associations and significant documentary and physical evidence of the evolution of the place, being the burial place of at least 1400 persons, their lives contributing to and enriching the history and development of a significant area of New South Wales.

The client's proposal, prepared by Rupert G.H. Milne Home Landscape Consulting, upgraded the Gordon Street frontage of the cemetery and improved its visual and physical connectivity to the town centre and its appearance within the streetscape.

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